Diploma In Tax

I was delighted to receive my final results for the Diploma in Tax with the Irish Tax Institute.

On a personal level, this is also my “hat trick” of professional qualifications with the Irish Tax Institute having qualified as a Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) in 2016 and in 2020 I completed the Certificate in Capital Taxes for Private clients.

The Diploma in Tax is a 10 month course and is assessed over 3 assignments based on real life case study scenarios and covered the following taxes in depth;

  1. income tax
  2. capital gains tax
  3. vat
  4. corporation tax
  5. capital acquisition tax / gift tax
  6. stamp duty
  7. revenue audits and e queries (aspect queries)

This was a demanding course and required significant research and time commitment but the course material, online lectures and support from the Irish Tax Institute was excellent and my tax knowledge is completely refreshed.

I provide practical tax advisory professional services to individuals, partnerships and limited companies.

We have saved individuals and companies significant taxes through effective tax planning and we have also saved other clients from the possibility of owing revenue thousands in taxes for “not doing it right”.


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