Small Benefit Exemption Scheme - Effective from 2022

Small Benefit Exemption Scheme (Ireland) – Effective from 2022

  • Under the Government’s Small Benefit Tax Exemption policy, businesses can reward their staff up to €1,000 once per year completely TAX FREE.
  • The exemption is only allowable for NON CASH benefits.
  • Directors and employees can claim the Small Benefit Tax Exemption.
  • Sole Traders CANNOT claim the Small Benefit Tax Exemption, but if the sole trader has employees, then the sole trader can provide his/her employees with the benefit.
  • Any NON CASH gift or reward up to the value of €1,000 qualifies for the Small Benefit Tax Exemption, including;
  1. gift cards
  2. vouchers
  3. hampers
  4. theatre and concert tickets
  5. gym membership
  6. spa treatments etc
  • If a single benefit exceeds €1,000 in value, then the full value of that benefit is subject to tax
  • Where two benefits are provided, the combined value of those benefits cannot exceed €1,000
  • The cost of the benefit to the business or company is an allowable expenses for tax purposes
  • There are no filing obligations required to be submitted to revenue


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